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Education Abroad

Thanks to our experience gained through the years we can offer our competent assistance in preparing the full set of documents necessary for applying at higher educational institutions abroad, as well as with issuing a student visa at the respective embassy. The choice of the institution, however, is yours. Most universities and colleges in a country have similar application requirements but there are many others which have their own specific application requirements and documents. Therefore, before you come to consult us, be sure to have chosen one or several specialties and one or several universities, respectively, which offer education in these subjects and to have read the up-to-date information provided by the university on the Internet. Only after you have done this, you can visit us in order to prepare the full set of documents necessary for your application and we will fully assist until your departure.

Evaluation and Recognition of diplomas, Dichiarazione di Valore
(Evaluation and Recognition of diplomas at the Italian Embassy)
Evaluation and Recognition of documents of education acquired abroad

The service ‘Evaluation and Recognition of education acquired abroad’ includes all educational and qualification degrees (basic, high and higher), as well as certain elements of the educational cycle (a particular class or degree of specialized or higher education).

We strictly adhere to the procedure established by the Ministry of education and the National Information and Documentation Centre and the documents provided by the client must be duly certified by the competent institutions in the issuing country. Due to the specifics of the education and of the documents in the different countries you should contact our office for more information about deadlines (terms) and tariffs.

If you want to evaluate Bulgarian diplomas and education documents abroad, they have to be translated and legalized at the respective institutions in Bulgaria beforehand and then follows a specific strict procedure in the respective foreign country.

Dichiarazione di Valore (Evaluation and Recognition of diploma at the Italian Embassy)

For recognizing, evaluating and/or continuation of the education in Italy all educational institutions require Bulgarian citizens to submit a special document, the so called Dichiarazione di Valore. This document is provided by the Italian Embassy in Sofia. We can fully assist with this procedure to facilitate our clients to the maximum in receiving this document.

Visa Services

We can assist in issuing visas for different countries whose embassies are situated in Sofia. For this purpose the client must provide an invitation or another document proving the legal reason for staying in the respective country.


  • Preparation of a set of documents, submitting a passport at an embassy for stamping a visa and receiving it - 65 levs
  • Filling in an electronic form and booking a date and an hour for an interview at the USA Embassy - 85 levs
  • Receiving a passport with a stamped visa - 40 levs


We can insure our clients against “Accident and an Acute Disease” when they travel abroad with «UNIQA Life insurance Plc» company.

Other services

Participation in the “Green Card USA” Lottery

  • filling in a form on the Internet
  • filling in the forms at the second stage of the lottery
  • preparation of the documents for the interview

Filling in Forms:

  • in Bulgarian
  • in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Typing a Text:

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