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Julia Translation Agency provides professional written translations of texts on any topic from and into the major world languages

The translators we work with are highly qualified sworn translators. We employ professional and skilful full-time translators as well as a large number of carefully selected and tested part-time ones, each of them specialized in a narrow spectrum of interconnected topics, proficient in a particular terminological field and capable of fully understanding the respective text, therefore we can provide a correct and high-quality translation of text on any topic.

During the work process every translator uses not only her/his experience and knowledge but also a large variety of specialized dictionaries and reference books, as well as the almost limitless information capabilities of the Internet and this allows us to achieve the best result. In the long years of experience we have managed to build up a wonderful team of specialists. Together we achieve excellent results satisfying out clients’ requirements and our own criteria for professionalism in providing high-quality and express services.

We accepts and deliver texts for written translation in any data format and in the most suitable manner for the client.

Julia Translation Agency performs professional translations from and into over 30 languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian, Hebrew, Albanian, Persian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Georgian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Armenian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Text specifics

Some very specialized texts are priced higher. This is because the translator has to carry out a lot of research to provide a professional product.


Depending on the urgency of the service the translations are:

  • еxpress – within the 8-hour work day
  • quick – within 24 hours
  • regular – over 24 hours

With larger volumes the terms are subject to additional agreement.


We always aim at choosing an appropriate interpreter within the shortest time but it should be borne in mind that it largely depends on the topic, on the format of the event, on the venue and on the duration of the task. Therefore we kindly ask our clients:

Please, make your inquiries and orders for interpretation well in advance. The earlier you contact us, the more time and more possibilities we will have to select the best solution.

Besides, we would appreciate if you submit written text materials on topic of the event in advance, as this will allow the interpreter to prepare better and to perform the task at a high professional level.