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Julia Translation Agency Mission Statement

The functioning of any firm or organization, irrespective of its size or field of activities, is always based on certain rules and is rooted in concrete principles. These rules and principles allow the organization to be more transparent, predictable and comprehensible for the clients and partners. We, at Julia Translation Agency, have committed to the following rules and principles, which we proudly publish for you.

Our first and main principle is: the CLIENT is the center of our attention!

Julia Translation Agency is a firm which is entirely oriented toward the clients. Our greatest attention lies with these two main aspects of our work – the quality of the servicing and the quality of the service. We believe that the quality of the servicing is equally important as the quality of the service itself. We are always available to serve our clients whenever they need us!

The service quality

We consider the service quality to be one of the most important factors in our work and we achieve it on the one hand by carefully testing and selecting our translators, and, on the other hand, by quality control over the fulfillment of each order.

The quality control over the translation of each text is performed by people with philological university education and experience in text editing.

The quality of the original text and the quality of the translation

The quality of each translation depends to a great extend on the quality of the original text.

The text which is submitted for translation should be a meaningful and comprehensible text, written in compliance with all grammatical and stylistic norms of the corresponding language. However, this is not always the case and therefore it is difficult to be adequately translated. This holds especially true of translations of texts, which have already been translated from another foreign language, for example, from Arabic into English. In such a case the quality of the translation depends entirely on the professionalism of the translation into English.

If the text which you submit for translation contains unclear, ambiguous sentences, or, if there are missing words or punctuation marks, this would hamper the comprehension of the text and as a result will reflect in the quality of the translation. Regretfully, in such cases, we have to translate not what has been written, but what we think the intended meaning is, which is an altogether different quality level and therefore such interpretations should be avoided as a whole.

Naturally we strive to achieve maximum quality in our translations and that is why, whenever necessary, we aim to improve the style in the translation, even when the style of the submitted document does not meet the standards. We take the responsibility for these changes so that the translated document would present you in the best possible light.

Moderate prices and a flexible price policy

Our prices are the average prices on the market of professional translation services in the city of Varna. We aim at constantly increasing the quality and the scope of our services, and at the same time – at keeping our prices at a constant level and in so doing we prefer to increase the profits of the firm by increasing the number of the fulfilled orders and not by increasing the price of the service.

The best quality within the set term

The term for carrying out the order is one of the most important factors which influences the quality of the final result in each task and this holds absolutely true in the written translation. Even the most experienced translators are not capable of fulfilling their tasks at a high professional level if they are not allowed sufficient time.

When we accept your order our office manager will point out the optimal term for its fulfillment. If you need the order to be carried out in a shorter period, we will do our best to meet your expectations, but it should be borne in mind that the quality might not be the same as in the case when sufficient time is allotted to the task. Please bear in mind that a contract of 4-5 pages may be translated in 5 hours or a day, but those would be two translations entirely different in quality. A factor, which is extremely unfavorable to the quality of the translation, is the necessity to share it among two or more translators due to the exceptionally short terms of fulfillment.

Time factor also plays an important role in the cases when an oral interpretation is ordered. If you have prepared for an event for several weeks, carefully thinking over and organizing every detail, and you turn to us for an interpreter just a day or two before the opening, we would simply not be capable of selecting the best specialist on the topic of the event, the interpreters themselves won’t have enough time to get acquainted with the materials you have provided and to get ready. Therefore the interpreters will not be able to perform their best, which might negatively affect your reputation.


When dealing with different partners, not only the quality of the provided services will be of importance to you, but also the reputation of the service provider, since it may crucially influence the reputation of your company or your personal reputation.

We take pride in serving many Bulgarian firms and organizations. All our clients demand and rely on high quality of the translations, on the convenience and stability of the services rendered, as well as on the confidentiality of the submitted information. Our clients must be confident that we make everything to meet their expectations and trust.


Despite the fact that we strive to achieve the best quality, some inaccuracies may occur in our translations. This is the objective reality, to err is humane, and the translator is a real person, who, like anyone of us, is not perfect and is not immune against making mistakes.

In case you find some flaw in our work, we are ready to correct it. Therefore it is important for us to understand the reasons for your doubts and we expect you to inform us in detail about the problem. We respect our clients and are always ready to do our best in order to ensure the high quality of our work.

Each case of customer claims is accounted in the firm internal quality assurance system which allows us to avoid similar situations in the future and to keep perfecting our work.